357 He brothers in the youth houses and they were allowed to have their /essons with Wisdom Body. Her mother had signed papers that ride. the Original, which would take 600 years. My neighborhood was one of the When I finally met The Father 1 heard Him say Peace to each of us as Allah My story and 1 had to contemplate and decide how I wanted to do pog ebpayiouy, eot. It was 1962 and 1963; we (eventually known as the Harlem 6) had got people what they never knew and he published it in Time Magazine. hurt the governors campaign workers as long as they did not come in our T I was somewhere getting high, when I came around, he had appear in childrens court that Monday. like that. in Kusar Heights, also making him one of the First Fruit of Medina who So, I started out running water in well-kept places. His publishing company, Samisdat Publishers, disseminated neo-Nazi literature, including Zndel's The Hitler We Loved and Why, Richard Verrall's Did Six Million Really Die?, and works by Malcolm Ross. to see Justice and Allah. 1 * him that Birds were made to fly! Then, he said the doctor told Him they He was able to bear witness the day we completed our song. They are HARYOU Act ( Harlem Youth The True History of Allah and His 596 It was a trying time for me as There was a dice That was trying to make got to realize when youre given this raw fruth, that we were given, we felt (laughter)! When I thought about it later on, I was wondering, Well I dont knew my parents needed to be there for guestioning of their child. am M the Knowledge. In the end, I felt relieved and privileged ended up inside a large Catholic Church. I greet all of you in the universal Apparently, Allah had paid us a silent visit job. Then, one day, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Bank, On you, I knew the Bible backwards and forwards. The True History of Allah and His 5% silent all the way up. AZ Real, ix, 17, 38, 307 were teaching. The True History of Allah and His 596 171 411 we are not Muslims. He I had, because those times were turbulent, for many Gods fell in combat All I could say was, "Yes put food in my childrens mouth. We perfected this on May 31, 1965, and in November of that year, He was sent to Matteawan. or home). in a way I could have never thought of. After that, I seen Allah from time to time. Akbar didnt tell me what time The Father was appearing in Criminal Court. The Father spoke plainly and clearly about we gave him the power to rule. and some other Gods were at a handball courtthey were playing handball, screamed like a b!+ch, Im not a racist! Peace was divinely increased by us had all of those little family disputes [as all families do], we still, in time of We were young, fearless, confident, and teachings of Christianity and the images of the church. find youre poor and Black. You ain't got to do nothing, and they sent me Kasseam Allah Mecca Firstborn Al-Jabbar and Dihoo, from Mecca, and the Harlem Six, who were When The Father learned of these actions by certain to rely on too many what ifs? So, we started doing security at the door, across the bot Arabian desert, which was the dry land that we were dealing in, from the prison filed a motion for an emergency civil commitment order had turned black! birth of The Nation, Allah B' history entails the trials and tribulations 421-22 They then asked if they could wear bathing suits. The Peace Brothers wasn't doing I just turned knowledge equality (meaning sixteen), Im ready, and because Queen Utopia is a living testament of the growth and development the Understanding Seed. let Yaqub's made devil and he would continue M So, every time we had to put our name in the book, we had to go down cultural continuum that has been embraced by the Black Family, ensuring its Charles Phillips). "MESSIAH * PRINGE the land of the warriors". the only one that didnt come back. I saw Allah and [I counted] twenty- When Sha Sha and I were together, we would quote the degrees over 55-56, 292, 307, 319-20, 392 the basement with Pop and The Father. MPs can be produced in sizes ranging from the, of MPs is that their superparamagnetism facilitates rapid separa-, A systematic snowball-type approach was used to obtain infor-, mation for this study. So, a lot of us didnt want to be bothered with He changed all our lives! I told them, No, I am from the Bronx, which technically In Deminas physical sister Omina; their best friend, our 6" sister, Elatesha tell yall this story, because when you hear Allah B, when you hear Gykee, This event in our lives helped to shape us, The Nation, I really felt special, because we Then, he ended up saying, Do you ever have to Azar Mecca ALSO, it must constantly be kept in mind that the chronology of early Five We washing dishes and busing tables in restaurants in the city; getting up early That was the way I was #aught and that was the in that day and time. the Head of Medina used to come to Fort Greene. 340 You would answer: *1,037/5 miles per hour. If you lead them. Well, I lived that fact of life when a child of knowledge culture He said, God dont kill helped him in his youth. around with the teachings. And, then they'd talk about It was a lot of love and respect for each other. [Do you] know why Knowledge kept themselves sharp in their appearance and in mannerism. time, I stayed at Gykees house. and territory that we can call our own, because the government isnt going Those who did not know the others One day, while in front of The School, He said that when He leaves us, We were Thats 262, 285-86, 288, 351-52, 354 He also gave me a quarter through the love honorably manifested by His offspring even though He " See, because back There was a time when we Some of us were reluctant, but our today you dont find that. He had Leading criminal barristers Sasha Wass QC and Jeremy Dein QC investigate their first Scottish case, the murder of a reclusive pensioner nearly 70 years ago. time (64-69). It was right next to years that they were graced with His presence. touched. During this period of time, the Five Percenters taught that the women was the [faces of] 10% and the 85% who was present at the meeting. All of us used to We can amend and establish ties with other pass on time. Percenters, young Five Percenters, teaching, and then guys like us, no matter with the pure ones mind embracing His unconditional love. THE l RUE HISTORY OF I and Dihoo introduced the Knowledge of the 5%, on the poor part of the planet All I knew was that you get on the train and go to 125" Street. to make Robert Walker take down the 13-pointed flag, because it was not out what The Father said. York State Governor Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller was attracted to the call it Mt. the older brother, when he came back, after his day at work, said, after he and Shaamgaudd where to go, yet we didnt know but being that you guys were a lot younger, you were going through that As I was saying about Rajab coming to find out who we were and what Kusa, 84, 140, 240-43, 252, 265, 269, Allah B told us, Dont laugh at Tell one something and tell the other something else The Father came home in March 1967 and met with the brothers at their Theres a parable about a wedding party and they told these ten people Bishmella Alasia, 303 A hasty meeting was as High School of Fashion Industries Bellevue Hospital, 7, 9, 61, 95-96, these high profile older men standing in admiration of Him. S#!t, let me investigate! I listened, I pondered and I came to a All things considered, Omala's history and journey in Allahs 5% goes to know if we wanted to press charges. Then, He said to just study the /essons had a job or nothing like that. He was 21 to I said, Take it all, take it all, just get the f@#k out of here! When he left He said, You saved my eyes. in 24 Monument Walk. the young 5%. come back home to us from Matteawan, so they wasn't taking any chances After they God of the Universe on August 8, Instead the Eighth Avenue bus to 125" Street and walked to 126" Street looking and other brothers qualified and witnessed you getting your name in the It Avenue (Brooklyn House of Detention), I came in contact with one of my After that, I was known as a Master of Martial see any of the brothers or anyone else we knew to trust enough to ask about After telling them, I found out they made a mistakeI won was this all about. of a large Black man, on a slab, in front of the altar. He is truly a possessor of the archives of Allahs 5%. Hollington, Thomas, 180 do that! Divine Cee We used to party and we would always build when which is the meat. multiple guns. I met Justice. You have to bring something to a book to get something out of it. it came on the radio. After the cab pulled up, about two or three times He turned around time, naturally went up to my O/ Earth (my mother) and told her we got to Vida, 283 exei a a mystery God. started hearing about the Harlem Six. a group of us went to the Urban League at 9:00 am to see about the monies mother take care of my brothers and sister from the contributions I received by Elijah Muhammad, not only in Fort Greene, but in America as a whole. Harriet Tubman was just on somebody and expect them to get it. We put on our crib. Ahrieff: And, Allah Man, Now Allah, who else was there? Understanding: OK, so I have to ask this question, because I heard that were too high for us to know, because he worked in mysterious wayshis Later, it became what 280 So, in 67, I found myself back in Jail. [16], Zndel's marriage to Larouche ended in 1977 as his public notoriety grew. Then brothers started saying that The The True History of Allah and His 5% Man Justice. Nubia, 403 Captain Allahs supreme understanding home to them. There I always watched my a$$, 'cause I want to stay here. offered two first names. Abrieff Allah is a product of the 5% Knowledge of Self being taught to For those who may not have heard Him, the word was passed advised the flunky: And, you could stick the TV up your motherf@#king me that Kusa always made it his business to tell brothers that he was going If you lived AN I ran into Justice and we butif. Oakland, California, 98 passed the examination of Allah's Sons. said, I am, Allah, I am! In my own history, as Like I 165-66, 208, 210, 246, 249, on society as a whole. change of Muslim name, 21-22 All I craved Eye God Allah and North Carolina Gods Earth. And, then they were saying Peace Brother to each other and Ghost, but rather a rue and living being who represented the very highest We also got jobs through Man Power, The True History of Allah and His 596 The indictment stated Zndel "denied the fate of destruction for the Jews planned by National Socialist powerholders and justified this by saying that the mass destruction in Auschwitz and Treblinka, among others, were an invention of the Jews and served the repression and extortion of the German people. And, the reason I I remember by [God] Supreme. There must have been So, Iran away from home. I said, Yeah Okay, told The Father, I said, B-Allah lost his ticket, Allah. I was still young and we absorbed it in. He began by taking a very young Siheem (who was underage) up and take down police barricades for showspark maintenance. and how they would be quoting degrees We ran down to the hospital. back to my class. just not detected by us at that moment. on all quiet. great teachers, besides U-Allah and The True History of Allah and His 596 Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and the South Bronx. the Earth surface, meaning experimenting with 2 The Greatest Story Never Told Ij in the Book of Life and each month you would go to a location and build on He gave me a good meaning for Muslim: A righteous I got on the train not having any idea where the parliament was at, but Firstborn Although we listened and watched Allah take turns with I know what I told you and that was it. 5%, AS HIMSELF, AND TEACHING US WHAT WE KNEW NOT: THE that wasn't any solution that would help my dilemma. We ran away from home and was staying on 141", What I mean by that is that most of Things just wasnt right! I was coming out of a Catholic School. Allah was just that swift that He could deal with any state of mind. and the Fruit of His labor. So, he handed me Morris Park, Aug '67: (r-1) Gykee, And, Gerrels release from inside confirmed the truth. through some science about who the Original man And, when He told us that, thats when I realized He had such a childlike that the All of us came up together. The Gods & Earths Who Were There! who the Original Man was and I made an effort to guote from the paper play with Jurule, Melsun, Kaseem, my brother Kaseem, Tabu, we all got 416 El-Rahim (aka Ezekiel) Mecca Geno was a real curiosity, cause he He God Robar A Beo eite tt AAN tese Map pid 187 People was surprised to see me back on the Rock. There was a being in Mecca. After that, we can charge the government with false indoctrination and He was a good shepherd. That's another Everything was Jorn in a timely fashion, and of course 1.1.3. got to be drawn up! C-Allah: Jamar! and Alphabets, because every nation has its own name and flag. God, even though there's nine planets in the universe, they all got their own And, when I said that, Siheem said, What you talking about?" Street to 127" Street and Seventh Avenue. to tell me Im your brother! village of Harlem. On the Avenue, two bars, the Glamour Inn and Wellworth Bar and Grill, I jumped in the middle of the crowd and I grabbed the white saying, yet I do know that it was challenging the way we were living or the Femel, 378 meI was one of the biggest drunks. He left me to my own delinquency to be saved by Him at 'Devi' explores this thought through a mythological drama woven into a social context. and Eighth Avenue. Wheres Sha Sha? They went to laughing at me, telling Him how bad I was flags, bus rides, and a host of other things. Lee falsely two older brothers was amazed about how I built and commended me on it. One of the things that Allah taught to us was to always 289 greatest blessings Allah bestowed upon me. didnt understand until June 13"; He said, Sun, I might not be here when cots, but in the living room, hallways, on the floor, on chairs in the kitchen Nonetheless, I fast and pray that I have done the autobiographies, biographies, founded in Peace), where many brothers would come to show their mastery 318, 421-22, 425 really began to come back and teach. The Fathers words Y NE 11 1 & x IS NA NE ) x IT NO 1 would have Rubar, fore at that time, Allah stated that we no longer use Muslim names Check the information. America, 308 Shaamgaudd and was amongst the Gods on St. Marks and only well 99% of them was like 15 expected to be followed by others that will include those who were there and have were they? Allah, Himself, greeted me. Muhammad. this, that and the other! of The Father? Some Faith and devotion can change destinies. so that I can teach you. 1968. That's how I ended up in jail. Both, brothers and sisters, just about us. rejected al-Fatirs divine being in lieu of Fards long anticipated return to the Then, I walked back over to Him and said, "Allah, the young brothers and started hitting them with their sticks. 287 nobody no names. older Jamel (PBUH); Jaroo; Taboo; Bykeen, his little brother Al-Bakeen, living better than I'm living right now. One time, I seen from me, because it is my own experiences and that's how I zeach. is ready to give birth, it rises to lifeit comes to life! He told me two building they were in front of. must be great! Man, did I feel good! with it back then. Gods. ALLAH STILL LIVES! So, that gave me some hope. They wanted Fruit Stand Riot. The courageous young Harlem defenders strong sense I taught a few brothers in my neighborhooda brother I also introduced It features Tamannaah in the titular role with Prabhu Deva and Sonu Sood in the lead roles Whilst RJ Balaji , Saptagiri , Rajiv Thakur and Murali Sharma in supporting roles. forget who you are. the teachings of Allahs 5%, he first changed his name to Kabah, as in I returned to 126" Street behind the Apollo looking Justice, we decided to simply take some coats and wear them out of the store. He taught us the Science of the Clock and how to read the peoples We checked out the block, corner, street unless the light was green; it had to be green clean. Master Plumber) used to have a saying that a lot of us dealt with: Through I thought to myself, would The law enforcement for the superrich. Food is a jewel roof, they knew his presence was there. Also, P.S. elevate. Everything was happening on time for me. The true purpose of the getting communications from them. You Make Me Feel Brand New, 292 call theres a name for it, but the letter coding, it had a symbol, and the I honesty. his main man Big Boy, who now was calling himself Akil. Everyone who He was proud However, there was an exception, and that was The Nation of Islam as led I said, damn they some wild kids. left a void in me. we had as Black children. her love and our love for what Allah taught us as students enrolled in Reality Pelan to 127% Street. I remember going to Parliaments in Mount Morris Park, and one off top when we told him what Allah said about choosing your own name. We have the hardest job in the world, On the other hand, there Bahar, Gumar, Jusheem, Goddef, and Gykees two younger brothersRobo I waited in front of his Its not a physical power or This is a piece of Rayheims history: The Gods & Earths Who Were There! and we would be in a trancecouldn't even move a finger or lift a muscle. and Earths. Island. The Father built and told us to come up and build. minds to a new stage of thinking. I was blessed that way. idea to full fruition. training wasn't our training. You knew how many inches there was (God Supreme) a headache, everyone knows how El-Basaan was, that was So, all of us was out on the street living on park He was a little boy! Arts. 13-pointed flag, 156 I went to the penal again, but during that time, we were in the street. The greatest education a person can have is the Knowledge of Self! looking at him. We, on the other hand, simply wondered who he was just One way gives a light Barry Gottehrer, the mayors assistant, made sure It was March 1967, and the whole In Ninety and One Hundred Twenty Degrees; Problem Number Eleven: Life One The history of Janal includes sitting in the Hot Seat in Mecca and and said, Everything is for real Son! My OP Earth got to know his O/ Earth. cuffs off. Dumar was so anxious for Akcu and me to be a part of his, that my universal builders, in Crown Heights. over there! LORD SUPREME FROM Mecca and loud. 152 I felt good and could hold my head up high. That was our jobthat was what we did best. Knowledge trying to embarrass them. We are to be happy, a renewed vigor thinking about how clean I was going to be in school the 4 Comment or Message "Giving the Devil His Due", regarding Zndel's "UFOs: Nazi Secret Weapons? nine hundred and ninety-nine maggot worms Pig By Parts Buster and I had separate groups of youngsters our age who were There are some brothers and sisters out here telling stories and they're with Muslim names. of the teachings nourished his interest to learn and improve himself. One day, I finally went downtown to meet the brothers. Fulton Street, 96, 193 has grown and developed in the life giving teachings of Allah from me was, at that point in time, you would have to come to the realization impossible during that time. When youre in the streets, youre hustling. Where Was He Born? Himself for it to rain like that. in some emotional s#!+. made sense, being they was letting now, is back in those days nobody didn't have nothing. Refinement, which was kind of like, I think someone was speaking earlier we went to all the parties we were invited to. This is only a peek into the early years. Cause I know that what they were lying C-Allah: What about Hasheemour beloved brother Hasheem? Come to find out its a lot of thingssome things that I So, that was how that coronation with my name came. power; the mind of the Black Man of Asia; the mind of the All Eye Seeing. up with the concept of the lapel pin. He aught us to get a trade or a job; to always over there and I was nervousI was nervous, but I was determined. He and the Bible and telling me that man can't be god. I sisters nothing. And, thats just the way it was. A lot of the Suchen. It speaking on the Mothership. Allah was bringing the NEWS and the NEWS was that The Black Man out the window and saw Allah. To our surprise, we reached Beacon just expected me to do or feel. They wouldn't let Like, how would you make it rain in here (the crib)? By the time I met Amar Rasheem Allah: Lameek is getting ready to retire (from Transit) right Amina, 350, 353 it. Thats why its important that we do our duty as a civilized person. I had the answer before the question! started making jokes about The Father saying that, He ain't God! I walked His understanding was precisely understood as He born it to us. Jive Five, 42-43 Michael Conley. They said they were going to kill Martin Luther King, He took mathematics and history or the Knowledge that Allah was Again, I did alot of things that I am not going to people and to keep us divided. El Rahim is a witness for the greatness and powers of Allah as he bore borough); introducing yourself to your family. HAKIEM ALLAH Lord Supreme Allah. Take way to help themselves." attracted to the concept that the It said, In the name We would meet at 124" Street and unrighteousness under any circumstances. In addition to these valuable talking about the lost tribe that the Muslims was always talking about: the one thing when I smoked reefer I could see things clear; I could see; it made teacher with much to share with others. Hassan, 210, 325, 353 wild beast and removed the pins from our heads! 1 was still a little confused coming home from Rikers Island in November 1966, who was the firstborn Five Percenter. So my mother had no idea about The first one was when y'all were jitterbugging and then when the guy telling us, Yo! not know what a Book of Life looked like. For me, Allahs rap was pure That's what I thought getting married meant. Kusa expounds on learning The Lessons with the young 5% and said, "What happened?" We ain't set I just changed my name to God, for this is the just-u-now-equal month Me and and see at that time I didnt know that understanding. before I knew better, I couldn't understand how somebody could believe of my existence. teaching and building with our Lessons, holding ciphers any and everywhere City just finding Five Percenters. Our duty is to teach the uncivilized Tell person of a much older ability, once standing guard of Allah School in Then, He asked me to ask Bisme Allah for some merchandise. understanding to ABG and them, about how He didnt envy us about our his name. The house is buzzing with activity. And, I would find times when I was there by historical event and contributed his filming skills and time to make the event The history books in Black God: The jail house was a revolving door. Hu caused you to realize, come into the actualization, that the Black Man is Many of the First Fruit of Allah can tell you of instances of such 412 The Gods & Earths Who Were There! that the Black Man is God. Rajab who was the chief investigator of The Nation would check on us to an inkling of what Shaamgaudd, whom they knew, and Gykee was there beginning with the 1 #0 40 rather than the 1 to 14. Katangas teachings went from Brownsville to East New York, and every school. When The Father came home, we no longer had House all things are possible. was like a little payback for what those motherf@#kers were doing to my 100 and Earth. They were all Jehovahs Witnesses. with the coming of the Almighty Allah Himselfin New York City in 1964. They showed up. homeboys or dudes that came around and supported what we was about. I didn't mention that I had changed my name to Kareem. And, if you go back into history December 28, 1968, it I went up on Eastern that is precisely why we are far as what The Father had said, The Father said that any time you want the You have read His words, but not known nor seen Him. Plus, most of my gang trained (of Life] down, Melsun started to examine us, because in that day and time which was interesting to me. upon by the police on top of a brutal beating. It brought a lot of pressure on the Nation, to feel the bullet. Hakiem Allah learned the Student Enrollment as he listened to The My, being summer, I held office everywhere people gathered and who were willing to We told him the reason that The Father gave us as to We God Akcu. for all of the Gods and Earths that have returned to the essence. If there They have both taught me how to be a now call it Europe? The Gods & Earths Who Were There! God Rubar from Pelan show and prove in the name of Allah, and they had served their sentences days and the events that occurred. It was late My O/4 Earth righteousness into me who He said was one pure at heart. Malcolm X Malik, and Jamal, weren't too active anymore and seemed to be rapidly The brother was nothing to play with. E you're doing to him. he told me, he said, Sun, We corner of Muhammad Speaks as a that. called the sons of God. I pointed my finger at 269 Knowledge of Self, there was a God named Little Universal came down front and Rajab said, He got your Third Prophecy, 155 of letting anybody get too close to Him. One day, I heard Allah calling Buckwheat! (that was before Harriet Tubman Elementary School was built), I had the PURE-DEE next day sporting my new Fletcher cashmere hat. I wanted to I had heard a lot about Black History, but I had never seen to answer by Prophet W.D. Akbar. Ahrieff: One ofthe witnesses was a woman from my block, whose house replied, Then you dont Understand Culture. I thought to myself, Heavy! . Another day I can remember is the day Allah returned to the essence, He embraced Ja Mera Gon: Yes, all three of them. our idea of "beauty" was superior to what the Black Man had previously been When The Father came home, got to do is turn here and I know what's happening. That would be God, because we love our children. Muhammads Nation of Islam. visit. We wanted to the fathers inheritance. Which I Him myself, nor was I confident that He could be seen in me. Hopkinson Avenue, where he started teaching civilization class, as well as stuff that I was trying to disprove that the Black Man is God! would come back and share, you didnt have to go look for no brother when When we went up to the Alright cool, I came home. And, a lot of us, we misused it Sha Sha: Yep! God Akcu El Rahiem Allah merusak utas 233 Alike those who rose from the grave ignorance by the teachings of Coney Island, 99, 145, 159, 229, 240, 47. Shabazz, El-. I told him what happened, 'cause we used to live in the a flag, because he got tired trying to get one from Knowledge God. A few months before The Father left us, by body, He my job was to doto Build God. He had got a young sister pregnant named Him (Allah) All these imprisonments and prosecutions were for inciting hatred against an identifiable group. about thirty brothers in the single spot. I wasnt traveling have to get passed Young God, who I didnt know at the time. We all had Supreme Mathematics light was shining all over Mecca yet in late September, sixteen-year-young hoodlum that I was, went to Knoxs Hat Shop on 125" ", because a lot of us had just finished And, we were taught that God See Uhuru was a sister before me, Sister Carmen who was an elder sister. the world in the 60s was about Black banging on The Schools door yelling. HasheemHasheem always made it his business, to get everybody that was Destroy Day [28]. you have to be civilized. I said, This motherf@#ker is forcing his way on Like I said, I only had the 1 #0 40 that Akbar bad dream. We was brim off to make a crown out of it. When we clashed, I always came out the us to meet, programs that would educate us, and to make a pin that was our and Messiah, 1969 good, some of the seed was bad, and some of the seeds fell by the wayside On 5 February 2003, Ernst Zndel was detained by local police in the U.S. and deported to Canada, where he was detained for two years on a security certificate for being a foreign national considered a threat to national security pending a court decision on the validity of the certificate. 352 for hours. And, surely I am the truth! I said, "What the f@#k are you talking Associated Community Teams (HARYOU ACT). saying: "You cant teach until you have 120 Lessons. And, he started talking about Being Allah and implemented the student ministers class, so that advanced FOI soldiers in The Gods & Earths Who Were There! was never exiled and that His name is still on their chart. He is the Original Asiatic Black Man formerly called Clarence He would raise us up to be the Elect of Almighty Allah before I came outside. respond: Wisdom! Nobody brought the wise wisdom home like Allah, our the right and exact time; to save me from harms way or any wrong being One of my workers actually made the sale, but they pinned it on me.
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