Peter and Rosa brought in a new Spanish buck for three years (20002002) to refresh the blood in the herd. This is fine with Syfan, who finds that single-birth offspring tend to be extremely healthy.Deworming is done on an as-needed basis, which depends on the results of fecal testing, performed a few times annually or depending on weather conditions.Syfan has a lot of breeding experience. And he had learned from the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy that Spanish goats had been assigned as a conservation priority. Being that they are aggressive grazers and browsers, they are a welcomed benefit to our pastures. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this issue. Most of our sales take place at the farm. The rapid growth is not as rapid as other more popular turkeys, nor is the finished size. In winter the herd is provided daily with hay (from November to March) and a mixture of corn and pellets (the protein content is about 12 percent). The goats would each eat about 5 lbs per day of this feed, and even Christmas Day would bring Gene Bode to his goats, lugging 40 sacks of feed. Good breeding stock was rarely if ever sold, it was kept to increase the herd.Before Mrs. Hunt passed away, she asked her family to watch over her black Spanish goats, and her daughter Koy and her husband Jim Adcock loyally continue to maintain and improve the herd, which had grown to approximately 400 goats by 2009.Koy Ranch goats are bred for many attributes: conformation, mothering ability, tight udders, width of frame including width of horn placement, longevity, and color. Starting in 1995, Muddy Run Farm has been breeding Spanish uninterruptedly. The goats are kept friendly with occasional very small amounts of corn: about a handful per goat per week is all it takes. After looking around at all the different goat varieties, we decided to get Spanish goats. Disclosure. Named after Elgin and Shirley Pape, Harper, TexasShirley Pape was raised in Texas on a ranch that had bred sheep and Angora goats since the 1920s, with Spanish meat goats kept separate from the Angoras. The amounts given depend on the quality of the natural forage available. (I am keeping one of her lambs, and the other is already sold). The nannies kid unassisted in the Spring, and usually have twins, although singles and triplets are not uncommon.The Morefields continue to work hard to conserve Fullblood Spanish goats with great cashmere.Story by Dian Morefield, May 2012. Alpine Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Nubian Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, American Lamancha Goats: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Boer Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Kiko Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Kalahari Red Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Cashmere Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Angora Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Golden Guernsey Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, Black Bengal Goat: Breed Info, Characteristics, Breeding, and Care, 10 Simple Tips to Having a Clean Home All of the Time, 15 Best Radish Varieties to Grow in Your Garden, Large drooped ears with thick short horns Nubian or Boer Crosses, Short, upright, ears with long thick horns and no twist at the point Dairy Crosses, Lots of hair with droopy Nubian-like ears Angora Cross. The does have tight udders, avoiding the scratches and scrapes that prevent kids from nursing. These bloodlines bring outstanding qualities: hardiness, ruggedness, and the ability to thrive in difficult environments. In some on-farm testing in the mid-1990s, some of his Spanish dressed out at 57% compared to his Boers who only hit around 52% on a live weight to hot carcass weight comparison. Feeding and Nutritional Needs All goats need plenty of forage and browse that includes both legumes and grasses. Price $400, Specifically bred for the superior traits in both breeds. The majority of Muddy Run tends to kid together within a two-week period. Visit our website for details about our breeding program. Colors vary widely, and no specific color indicates cross breeding. Around the time that Kensing moved to Menard, meat goat ranchers in Texas were getting excited about imported breeds, specifically Boer goats. As we discover new bloodlines that meet our criteria and collect their DNA Samples we then add them to our list. For now, feel free to continue reading. Named after Dian and Glenn Morefield, Ohio. On Weinheimers 2,200 acres, some areas are safer than others, and goats are moved or separated in response to how coyotes are working the different pastures. They also have some old goats that they keep for life at the farm: these older goats kid just as often but usually only have one kid. The 82-acre farm is located in the Missouri Ozarks. Deworming is done by the Famacha method.The Morefield herd is trained to respect electric net fencing. Our herd of Spanish Goats are from the bloodlines of Smoke Ridge, Valera, Syfan and Baylis. Intelligence, quick reactions and the athletic ability to run fast determine who lives and dieseven now. Bred ewes can be arranged. They also kept Spanish goats. Weinheimer has tried to work every anti-coyote angle possible: government trappers, dogs, bait capsules, donkeys (who killed some kids themselves so they were booted off the ranch), llamas, you name it. Peter and Rosa have endeavored to keep the more Spanish does to be bred to the bucks, maintaining the Spanish characteristics in the herd. The genetics are being tracked by bloodline, breeder, region and color among herds across the United States. They are active foragers which contributes to their large sturdily built bodies. We cull any goat that fails our criteria, some years it will be 1% and some yearsmore. Salt blocks or loose salt powder are also provided regularly.Peter and Rosa do hoof trimming approximately twice a year. Nanny kids are carefully scrutinized and the best replacements are place don feed to encourage good growth and to teach them to come when called, be around stock dogs, and handle close quarters and working chutes.After two months these nanny kids are turned out into their own pasture to await breeding. Their origins are in the Shenandoah valley. We believed that word of mouth, customer satisfaction, and reputation were keyto our operation.. Howdy Folks ~ the Spanish Goat Association Resource Website that was created back in 2007 by Leslie Edmundson with less than 50 Breeders has grown into a group of 283 committed Pure Spanish Goat Producers (not all choose to be listed) that want to Preserve and Promote the Pure Spanish Goat Breed! Here are the breed conformation guidelines for Spanish Goats put forward by The Livestock Conservancy. They have well-water and salt blocks available, but apart from that they are on straight forage year-round. Too request more information / pictures / or place a deposit, call 540-829-5683 or email, Feb / March 2022 A2/A2 heifer calves $2,200 and bull calves $1,500. Named after Eugene Bradshaw, Christoval, Texas. John Moody out of IA raised his Sawyers on grass without shelters all year long. Please contact: Julie von Merz at 512-217-7845 or julievonmerz@gmail.comPosted November 7, 2022, Watkins Farm ~ Bridgeport, TX ~ SGR Gold Certified Syfan Breeder ~ Mike Watkins ~ Watkins Farm has Two 1 year old and Two 6 month old males available and Three 6 month old females. Although there are Golden and Bald eagles, Grizzly bears, wolves, coyotes, foxes and badgers, Smoke Ridge has no losses to predation thanks to their guardian dogs. Egg color varies from light to dark brown. Use this link to download a Blank Bill of Sale: BILL OF SALE. Had wavy, beautiful super white fleece at birth. Billies that remain intact are weaned at 3-4 months of age to prevent the inevitable, because aged nannies typically begin cycling 3 months post-partum. Their diet is naturalthe land offers Live Oak, Shin Oak, and many varieties of brush. Two cow / calf pairs could be available sooner. Kids are typically sold soon after weaning in the fall.A primary trait that these goats are scrutinized for is fertility. Peter and Rosa do hoof trimming approximately twice a year. Some are spotted. Smoke Ridge feeds no grain or concentrates. When the goats?feed is supplemented, Kensing uses 20% protein grain cubes and shell corn. With 5 boars and 10 sows we are able to provide numerous genetics. Kensing has worked hard to control the cacti and Mesquite on his ranch. They enjoy the good temperaments of their goats, and the continued hardiness and cashmere production. Most years produce a weaned kid crop of 130-150%. Like many Texas ranchers, Eugene Bradshaw was born into goat ranching. Mesquite and Prickly Pear also grow in abundance. Texas was founded by Wesley E Sawyer decades ago. Horns are usually large and long and in bucks the horns usually twist. Those were the days when Spanish goats were used as brush goats, and goat meat was just a by-product. For Shirley Pape, who has loved goats since childhood, the losses are heartbreaking.The Papes use government trapping and control programs, including aerial shooting, to help with predators, but these methods are not completely effective. The bird will dress out at about 85% of its weight. Please contact: Yolanda Adams ~ 334-502-2717 ~ yolandaggarcia92@gmail.comPosted December 29, 2022, Ranch 83 MVM ~ Ballinger, TX ~ SGR Gold Certified Kensing breeder ~ Julie von Merz ~ has five 8 month old DNA Registered KENSING males available. These bucks have a Pure Spanish Sire and a registered Kiko Dam. Color is not discriminated against when considering quality replacements. Tamara says they were wild and joke that they view them with binoculars. In the bunch we have Pure Spanish and Spanish-Kiko crosses. Barron's Spanish Goat Farm Valera Spanish Goats, Demorest, Georgia. After a few years, Smoke Ridge concentrated solely on meat production, with fertility, maternal abilities, and longevity heading the selection criteria.The Smoke Ridge herd resides in north-central Montana, at the base of the Rocky Mountains. Their herd is comprised of a variety of colors, and includes slight variations in horn shapes, some curving slightly, some rising straight.The success of the Papes?Spanish herd is only marred by one thingpredators.Bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes, eagles, buzzards, and hawks have all taken their toll on the herd. Sired by Top Selling Sire at the 2020 Spanish Goat Gathering. Wormers and vaccines are not used on the goats, and are not necessary in the climate.Nannies kid in pastures once a year in a 60-75 day window. 30 And throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.' (The Sheep and the Goats. Top Quality registered stock, pricing based on quality. She had been rewarded for her helpfulness by Mr. and Mrs. Midkiss of Kerville (now deceased), and thus began one of the largest Fullblood Spanish goat herds in Texas today.The Papes added to their growing herd through the years, but only with stock from trusted friends and neighbors. They live on 5600 acres in the Hill Country of Texas. They occasionally receive supplemental feeding to ease handling, and this has helped to keep the goats very gentle.Weinheimer deworms twice per year: right before the breeding season and when the kids are weaned.Predatation determines whether or not the billies are kept with the nannies year round. At the advice of our Technical Advisors, Spanish Goats, LLC relies upon a descriptive approach provided by the individual bloodline producers when defining the Spanish goat breed. They focused on deep, big boned billies and feminine nannies. Sells unregistered. He is a twin male from Godiva. In recent years these became the main predators for the Lowcountry herd, and the hogs were joined by alligators and the wild cats of the region. Does are given shelter at kidding time, but usually take refuge in the shelter of the oaks. Caring For The Spanish Goat 1. Named after Rob Baylis, Eastabutchie, MississippiRob Baylis was born in the early part of the 20th century. Bloodline Descriptions:We rely upon the breeders to provide the bloodline descriptions. The Papes enjoy a reputation for having great goats, and have shipped goats to breeders throughout the United States.The Papes do cull goats continually, but always for conformation, size, and udders, never for color. The body is rounded, and the color is varied. In September, bucks are leased out for breeding, and in December they return home, and are left to forage. The herd has evolved into its own unique goat genetic.The ranch is located on the edge of the Eldorado Divide in Sutton County in Southwest Texas. What they don't have in height they makeup for in hardiness and parasite resistance. Even when more than 500 kids are born within four weeks, all kids are eartagged and recorded on the day of their birth. The next kidding will be Valera over Baylis does. Spanish Goats. Dual registered with the American Milking Shorthorn Society and American Shorthorn Association. So he kept his Spanish goats Fullblood, and added good stock to his herd. The Morefields wanted cashmere, but particularly wanted hardy goats that would help them clear their lush 17-acre Ohio property of brush, briars, and poison ivy. Their original Valera buck sired the herd from 1996 until its death in 2001. The Papes have participated in many meetings with other Texan ranchers to increase government intervention in predation, but would like to see more results from the effort.The Papes believe that predation is one of the main reasons why many local ranchers are giving up goat ranching, and see this as a great threat to the preservation of Fullblood Spanish goats. Low to moderate input management system females are generally from 70 up to 125 pounds and bucks are from 90 to 175 pounds. She is a twin female from Nestle and sister to Nutrageous. A?does are bred to A?bucks, B?bred to B,?C?to C. Sire is Samuel out of Dempsey Perkins line. The Bloodlines are listed as a named bloodline, 50% of a named bloodline, or as Fullblood Spanish Goat. Here is what Joe Preston has to say about his herd, We seldom have a Nannie that, does not have kids. Silver Rabbits, Show to Pet Quality, Fully Pedigreed, Barbados Blackbelly starter flocks for sale, For sale 6 month old Guernsey bull calf, La Flche Pullets and Cockerels (young hens and roosters), American Milking Devon Heifer and Bull Calves. The family began to breed the goats to bring out their vigor and strength, developing a line that both breeders of Spanish goats and non-Spanish goats want to breed into their herds. With the exception of eagles, all predators are kept under control by hunting, trapping, and coon dogs. If you would like to create a new listing or update your current listing, please email Some are SGR DNA Registered.Please contact Mike Watkins at 254-897-1881 or, Carroll Boys Farms ~ Belton, TX ~ SGR Gold Certified Syfan Breeder ~ Jim Carroll ~ has Syfan bucklings available. Dam has 3 1/2 lactations with DHIA records. Will continue to show until sale. There were also some from San Angelo. Bode only bred once per year, and would not begin breeding the does until they were yearlings.Bode did not have a predator problem. That buck was from the Valera strain. Muddy Run Farm provides mineral blocks with selenium to compensate for the low levels of selenium in Central Virginias soil. They are given a little grain in the winter, and kids are also given some grain for a strong start. Feel free to email or call with any questions. A doe may drop from A?assessment to a C,?a buckling may come from a B?breeding and attain an A?statuswhatever looks right in the eyes of a master breeder.Syfan will only keep a limited number of bucks, so 80 percent of the buck kids will be castrated and kept for a year to control brush, and then sold as mutton kids. In 2007 losses due to predation still amounted to almost 20%. ?Live Oaks and Shin Oaks factor greatly into their diets, and Robert Kensing keeps an eye on the Shin Oaks to make sure that the goats do not eat them all down to the roots. Want to market your own animals and products? Weinheimer goats are very hardy, forage well, are parasite-resistant, and are excellent mothers. Keep your eyes on them and keep them separate from your herd for at least 30 to 45 days. The dogs are Great Pyrenees, Akbash, and Anatolian, and Syfan asserts that its not necessarily which breed of livestock guardian dog is best, but whether or not the dog itself is effective. More blue than grey.The Weinheimer goats tend to have horns that show less of a twist than most Spanish. She is ready to start training to ride. Only productive nannies are retained for breeding.The Herd is selected for black coloring due to the advantages of fewer cases of pink eye and less fly issues. Some of the most prominent characteristics are: high frequency of pregnancies, great maternal instincts, hardiness, and essential good health. Now taking reservations. Thats what the Spanish goats were foryou needed a small animal that you could eat before the meat went bad, because in the Kensings area, farms didnt have electricity until the late 1930s. Roy Weinheimer, like many Texans of his time, raised Angora goats for mohair, and kept his Spanish goats for feeding the family. Goats at Muddy Run Farm have access to pasture year round. Mary Jane's SteelMeadow Farm has raised goats and poultry since 2004 and began with Irish Dexter cattle in 2006. The amounts of feed given depend on the kidding and pregnancies of the herd.Muddy Run Farm provides mineral blocks with selenium to compensate for the low levels of selenium in regional soil. But when visitors come to the house, their eyes are riveted on the gigantic 1860s old oak post barn. Kidding April through May effectively avoids eagle predation. Land stewardship and Holistic farming that heals the land. Spanish goats are usually horned, and the horns on bucks may be large and twisted. She is very quiet, ties and stands to have her feet trimmed. Spanish goats have a distinct gate and body posture. The Spanish goats were a weekend hobby, but right from the start Kensing began selective breeding and culling. Hes not happy with guessing whats best, he wants proof. During the summer, they reduce the grain or provide it every other couple of days just to keep the goats used to coming for food. Legitimizing the Spanish goat as a distinct breed requires up-front and honest input from breeders as well as a commitment to the transparency, blind justice and integrity required to establish a DNA Registry. They are Baylis/Valera line and they are very entertaining. Lambs were more expensive than goats. Support conservation by buying from members of The Livestock Conservancy. SGR GOLD Certified Breeder ~ Eric Napier.304-544-9742 ~ enexcavating@yahoo.comPosted August 14, 2022, Bridgeport, TEXAS: SGR GOLD CERTIFIED Breeder ~ Mike Watkins ~ has 4 Black & White Syfan Bucklings available. Bill also picked out one tough old, one eyed nanny goat who looked like a wise animal in an attempt to carry out the goat culture and acquired wisdom from living in the wild. He finds the Boer meat to be fattier, and the Spanish meat has a notably different flavor which he prefers, as do many of his friends.Bode began raising Fullblood Spanish goats in the early 1960s. Ask your seller for a signed Bill of Sale (BOS). Allyson came a couple of years later. Farmers were used to wandering livestock, and if someone elses livestock was grazing on your land it was fine. Horns lacking twist can reveal swiss dairy breeding, smaller horns can reveal Boer, Nubian or Angora influences. Comes from a verified herd. Their original Valera buck sired the herd from 1996 until his death in 2001. We also breed livestock guardian dogs. Call for details. Sire is Samuel from Dempsey Perkins line. Registered Barbados Blackbelly rams and ewes available. Some of the Sawyer Bloodline Producers are still raising Sawyers in this way, and other producers are raising them as individual goats. I'm looking to sell 7 exposed pairs for $1,200 and a bull for $1,500. However, we do find fault with the following as it relates to SGR DNA Registration even though these factors may not hinder commercial production: More than two teats and teat tags, a split scrotum of more than 1 inch, over/under bites, roll over hooves, and too much cow-hock in the hind end (however, the cow-hock is what facilitates the speed and the ability to climb trees in the Spanish Goat Breed), Roman nose, dropping large wide ears, horns that do not curl and/or twist. (Years of predation are an exception to this.) Top Quality registered stock, pricing based on quality. Does are prolific, and have great maternal instincts. I am happy to show you around and help you with your goat needs. And recently, they did it again. Photographs and videos can support the Verification process but SGLLC is committed to legitimate tracking of breeder to seller in order to ensure the purity of the goats genetics. The Morefields started their herd when they brought home some Spanish wethers from Ann Wood in 2002. They were moderately-sized, and were stocky and with classic Spanish heads and ears. Registered with LLSBA. Bloodlines, de-worming, vaccines, diseases, feeding, breeding style, kidding style, pasture management, and shelters. Verified and Certified Pure Spanish Goat Breeders are welcome to list their available Verified and DNA Registered Pure Spanish Goats on this Site. 2 yr Nanny and doe kid, 5 year old nanny and twin bucks, long yearling billy. Most births are twins, and the ranch usually has three kid crops every two years.Weinheimer keeps about 1033% of his bucks as breeders, and keeps however many nannies he needs to keep the herd numbers up, and sells the rest for meat.The biggest toll on the herd is coyotes. January 2021, We are projecting around 30-40 kids.
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